Margaret Ville Condo Price – Land Price By MCL Land

Margaret Drive4,809.8 m² / 22,195 m²MCL Land (Regency) Pte. Ltd.$238,390,301 / 12 December 2016$10,740.72

Margaret Ville Condo Price – Developers Bids

1MCL Land (Regency) Pte. Ltd.238,390,30110,740.72
2Allgreen Properties Limited220,900,0009,952.69
3UOL Venture Investments Pte. Ltd.220,080,0009,915.75
4Episcia Land Pte. Ltd.217,888,0009,816.99
5Astor Properties Pte. Ltd. and Sekisui House, Ltd.217,777,0009,811.98
6China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co. Pte. Ltd.212,589,8999,578.28
7Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited210,500,0009,484.12
8FCL Place Pte. Ltd.210,388,8009,479.11
9ZACD Investments Pte. Ltd. and Maxdin 2 Pte. Ltd.205,888,8899,276.36
10Greatview Investment Pte Ltd205,170,0009,243.97
11S P Setia International (S) Pte. Ltd.205,000,0009,236.31
12TID Residential Pte. Ltd. and Hong Realty (Private) Limited203,117,009,151.48
13United Engineers Developments Pte Ltd200,800,0009,047.08
14CEL Real Estate Development Pte. Ltd.193,880,0008,735.30

Margaret Ville Condo Price – Nearby Condo Prices

Condos Around District 3, Margaret DriveAverage PSF For The Past 6 Months TransactedImplied Rental Yield
Commonwealth Towers$1,738.30Under Construction
Queens Peak$1,683.70Under Construction
The Metropolitan Condominium$1,271.903.58%

Margaret Ville Condo Price – Estimated Launch and Guide Price

Below is not not not the exact selling price of Margaret Ville

It is estimated that th launch price will be approximately between/over S$1752 psf

Take note that this is NOT the final selling price as MCL Land will definitely do their comparative market analysis and price the units accordingly. To avoid buying at a premium while enjoying the preview discount for the best purchase price, start by registering for the VVIP preview today.

Land cost$997.85
Estimated Construction cost$350
Expenses and profit margin (Estimated 30%)$404.35
Estimated launch price$1752

More Read up: Understanding Developer Launch Value for Margaret Ville

It is important to know beforehand the price of the property that you are interested in. For expats or foreigners, it will be kind of difficult to own a land property in Singapore, but it doesn’t mean you can’t own one. The only property that is easy for you to acquire is a condo unit. Since there is construction of new condo buildings going on right now, it is your responsibility to prep your side on which condo unit you should be getting.

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As you keep searching for information about condo unit properties to own, you will come across the words “developer launch price.” This is especially common among condominium buildings that are still under construction. Many property buyers are looking forward to owning a condo unit that is still in this phase because they know they can get the best deals. There are lingering thoughts about how the property will turn out once the building is complete, but that can be solved if you have information from the developer – their reputation and the quality of their construction once it is completed.

With concerns regarding developer launch price, this is a reference for Margaret Ville buyers whenever they are thinking about how much are they going to allocate to their budget. It is no way that the price is based on the value or the quality of the condo unit at all. Many buyers were speculating that the price is based on the value or quality. Developer launch price is a computation based on several factors, some of which are dependent on the behavior of the land and properties market. It is merely an estimate wherein it works with the current low price. It is up to the developer to increase or decrease the price, which is entirely dependent on land prices between the launch date and the tender award. However, most of the time they change it since they want to gain proper profit from it. The developer also has their competitive market price and analysis since they are also facing competition solely to sell the units.

Aside from the land price that affects the launch price for Margaret Ville condominium, other factors include

  • construction costs,
  • architecture design,
  • administrative expenses,
  • marketing expenses, sales expenses,
  • and profit margin and finance costs.

There are more factors, but it depends on every developer. They have developed their standards in computing the launch price.
The launch price is surrounded with rumors on how it determines the quality and value of the condo unit. This is understandable since consumers think that a high price means that the value and quality of the unit are of high standards. However, the design of launch price is not a factor in determining such things. It is used as a reference for buyers so that the latter will have an idea how much they are going to allocate for their budget when the need to buy the condo unit is in the imperative.